VoxEU Global Outreach Programme


Vox’s and CEPR’s missions are twofold: promote research excellence and get the policy-relevant results into the hands of public- and private-sector decision makers. CEPR produces a steady flow of such material, but we have decided to launch a new initiative to boost our network externalities in outreach.

Leszek Balcerowicz quote: "Vox is a powerful and modern voice on policy-relevant economics."

CEPR is inviting a highly selective list of institutions to become VoxEU Global Outreach Members. These institutions – all of whom share our guiding principle “Research Excellence with Policy Relevance” – will be able to amplify the impact and outreach of their research by leveraging the dissemination networks of VoxEU.org.

Standard Members

Standard Outreach Members have the right to:

  • Post columns on VoxEU.org (up to five per year).

Procedures for selecting the research for such VoxEU columns will be settled by agreement between the Member’s research leader and the VoxEU Editor-in-Chief.

  • Use VoxEU-based dissemination channels for at least one report/book per year.

This will involve a Vox column announcing the report and dissemination via the Vox and CEPR online media channels (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and CEPR’s extensive press mailing list.Draghi quote: "The articles, audio interviews, eBooks and online debates on Vox provide a novel perspective on many issues."




Premium Members

Premium Membership can be thought of as a bespoke relationship tailored to the Member institution’s outreach needs and capacities; they enjoy a more privileged/strategic partnership with CEPR and VoxEU.

In addition to a higher minimum number of VoxEU columns (up to ten per year) and report disseminations (three per year), CEPR works with its Premium Members to find creative ways of increasing their impact and influence.

Premium Package

  • Publish reports with CEPR Press

CEPR has developed a reputation for publishing excellence – in terms of both substance and high-quality copyediting and formatting – all done in a matter of weeks rather than months Naturally, the manuscripts are subjected to a review process involving CEPR’s scientific leadership.

  • Suggest topics for Vox eBooks

VoxEU introduced eBooks in October 2008, just days after the Lehman Brothers failure. The innovation proved to be a useful and highly popular outreach vehicle, with many eBooks being accessed online over 50,000 times, and the most popular being downloaded hundreds of thousands of times). The concept has now been copied by research institutions and think-tanks across the world. The key is to identify the right topic, the right authors and the right timing. As Premium Members are likely to be aware of such opportunities in a timely fashion, CEPR and VoxEU will work with them to pinpoint such topics, sets of authors, and editors.

  • Opportunity for your researchers to contribute to VoxEU eBooks

The contents of eBooks are fully under the control of the editors appointed by CEPR, but full consideration will be given to researchers associated with Premium Members.

  • Organise a minimum of two publication launch meetings/discussion meetings per year, coordinated by CEPR's experienced Meetings Team

CEPR will handle all administrative matters such as finding a venue, coordinating invitations, developing the programme, handling expense claims; direct costs are born by the member. We also help you identify and invite the right audience. After more than 30 years of bringing policy-relevant research to decision makers on the full range of economic issues, CEPR is well known in the public and private sectors. We can help you attract a high-calibre audience involving key decision-makers and opinion-leaders across business and government.​

Takatoshi Ito quoteAdditional information

Vox has a very large audience with almost 2.7 million visits in the past twelve months, and the trend is generally rising. The audience is worldwide, although a large share of Vox readers are based in the US and the UK. CEPR’s network of over 1300 leading economists and our large list of research consumers complements the online presence of VoxEU.org.

For further information and to discuss your institution's special needs, please contact Nadine Clarke by phone or email (Tel: +44 (0)207 183 8810 Email: [email protected])


Member fees

The Standard Outreach Membership is €15,000 per year. Premium Outreach Membership is €25,000 per year. There is some scope for crafting customised packages.

Download the VoxEU Outreach Membership brochure.