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International Trade and Regional Economics programme (ITRE) New Member Seminar Series

New members of the CEPR International Trade and Regional Economics (ITRE) programme talked about their broad research interests and presented a paper in hour long sessions bi-weekly on Mondays, at 3pm London time. These sessions were open to CEPR and beyond.

The line-up of speakers in 2022 was as follows:

  • 25 April: Dmitry Mukhin - Optimal Exchange Rate Policy.
  • 9 May: Adrien Bilal - Solving Heterogeneous Agent Models with the Master Equation. 
  • 23 May: Alessandro Sforza - The Value of Managers' Export Experience: Lessons from the Angolan Civil War. 
  • 6 June: Jose Vasquez - Trade with Nominal Rigidities: Understanding the Unemployment and Welfare Effects of the China Shock.
  • 20 June: Chenzi Xu - The Geography of International Banking Over Two Centuries.
  • 4 July: Isabela Manelici - Responsible Sourcing? Theory and Evidence from Costa Rica.
  • 18 July: Laura Ogliari - Power Mismatch and Civil Conflict: An Empirical Investigation.