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VDEV, CEPR, BREAD Seminars - 35 - Measuring Upward Mobility

VDEV/CEPR/BREAD Seminars is an online seminar series, featuring invited speakers in the area of Development Economics. It was set up in the spring semester of 2020 as the VDEV seminar and now continues jointly with CEPR and BREAD. It is organised jointly by CEPR, the University of Geneva (UniGe), Barcelona School of Economics (BSE), Paris School of Economics (PSE), Stockholm School of Economics and BREAD. The seminars are held on Zoom and consist of a 45-minute presentation, followed by 15 minutes of Q&A. A moderator collects questions on the chat and selects a few of general interest to be asked to the speaker at reasonable intervals to keep the flow of the seminar. All participants are muted, and interactions with the speaker are through the chat with the moderator. In the Q&A portion the moderator opens the microphone up to those participants who have indicated they have a question in the chat with the moderator.

8 Nov: Debraj Ray (New York University) - Measuring Upward Mobility


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