CEPR Discussion Papers 2 April 2017

After nine consecutive increases the €-coin indicator recorded a slight reduction in March (falling to 0.72 from 0.75 in February), but remains at cyclically high levels.

Regardless of what one may think of the decision, the fact is that, in 2016, the British people and parliament voted to leave the EU. In a short thought-piece, we suggest that the time is ripe for the UK government to embrace a new trade and development agenda that demonstrates that post-Brexit Britain is a bold, confident, outward-looking country ready to play a key role on the world stage.

CEPR Discussion Papers 26 March 2017

The 4th Special Report in the Geneva Reports on the World Economy series reviews the current status of bail-ins and bank resolution in Europe. It provides a critical comparison of the US and EU bank resolution rules, examines European banking failures, and makes a number of policy recommendations concerning governance, stress testing, cross-border issues and resolution of financial contracts.

On behalf of The Bank of Finland's Research Unit (RU), we invite applications for the Visiting Scholars Programme which is designed to enhance research in macro, monetary policy, financial stability, and markets. Click for more information.

CEPR Discussion Papers 19 March 2017

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The free paper for the week ending 19/03/2017 is "The Surprising Pass-Through of Solar Subsidies" by Jacquelyn Pless and Arthur Van Benthem

CEPR Discussion Papers 12 March 2017

This volume focuses on the Americas and Europe and examines how events from history have helped shape their post-war economic identities.