CEPR Discussion Papers 18 September 2016

CEPR Discussion Papers 11 September 2016

Congratulations to Sergei Guriev, who is appointed new Chief Economist at The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in September 2016

CEPR Discussion Papers 4 September 2016

• In August the €-coin indicator remained essentially unchanged at 0.32 (0.31 in July).

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The free paper for the week ending 26/08/2016 is "Does Rosie Like Riveting?
Male and Female Occupational Choices" by Grace Lordan and Jörn-Steffen Pischke

This new VoxEU eBook provides a first take from leading economists on the major issues now facing the UK and EU after the June 23 referendum.

• In July, the €-coin indicator increased slightly for the second consecutive month, rising to 0.31 from 0.29 in June.

CEPR is a new academic partner to the Think Forward Initiative. The Household Finance Network will carry out the cooperation with TFI.

Congratulations to Stephen Redding who has been appointed as Programme Director of the International Trade and Investment programme at the National Bureau for Economic Research.