The CEPR will be closed for the holiday period commencing on the afternoon of Friday 22 December. Normal operation of service will resume on Tuesday 2nd January.

May we take this opportunity to offer our best wishes for the season and every success for 2018.

Nicola Fuchs-Schündeln will receive a 2018 Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize of €2.5 million for her economic research.

CEPR Discussion Papers 17 December 2017

CEPR presents the 22nd Global Trade Alert Report "Europe Fettered: The impact of crisis-era trade distortions on exports from the European Union". This new report by Simon Evenett and Johannes Fritz looks at the crisis-era protectionist strategies from abroad that have hindered European export growth since the Global Crisis of 2008.

CEPR Discussion Papers 10 December 2017

This new eBook "Cloth for Wine? The Relevance of Ricardo's Comparative Advantage in the 21st Century" by Simon J. Evenett examines whether David Ricardo's 200 year old theory about Comparative Advantage still holds today, or if we need a new approach to global trade policies.

CEPR Discussion Papers 3 December 2017

In November €-coin rose to 0.84 (from 0.72 in October), returning to a level similar to that recorded in April 2007.

CEPR Discussion Papers 26 November 2017

This new CEPR eBook considers whether the German approach to policymaking, based on evidence and rules, can be harmonised with other national strategies in an attempt to overcome some of the European Union's biggest problems.