CEPR, the International Growth Centre (IGC), and the Private Enterprise Development in Low-Income Countries initiative have launched a new website focusing on development economics issues.

CEPR Discussion Papers 25 June 2017

CEPR Discussion Papers 18 June 2017

Professor Silvana Tenreyro will start a three-year term on the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee on 7 July.

CEPR Discussion Papers 11 June 2017

The Presidency of Donald J. Trump has unleashed a barrage of potential changes to US economic policymaking and the economy. This eBook includes 18 chapters by leading economists across a range of areas in domestic and international economic policy. Many chapters are sharply critical of the Trump administration’s new approach.

CEPR Discussion Papers 04 June 2017

In May, the €-coin indicator declined to 0.60 from 0.67 in April, although it is still at a level consistent with strong economic growth in the euro area.

Emmanuel Macron’s election opens the door to a ‘reboot’ of the Eurozone. This is urgent: EU leaders need some political space without being distracted by a potential new Eurozone crisis.

CEPR Discussion Papers 28 May 2017