The researchers in the CEPR network are appointed either as Research Fellows, Affiliates, or Associates within one (or, occasionally, more) of the Centre's Programme Areas. Each Programme Area has a Programme Directors, who provide intellectual leadership and direction for their Area.

CEPR Research Fellows are established researchers. Research Affiliates are promising young researchers who have completed their PhD within the past seven years. CEPR is committed to identifying and promoting the work of these young economists, by providing research support and an appropriate environment within which to enter the international scene. Occasionally, a researcher is involved in only one CEPR research project and so is appointed as a Research Associate in order to allow them to participate in that project's activities.

Appointments in a Programme Area are made by the Centre's Appointments Committee, comprising the Centre's Research Director together with the Director of the relevant Programme Area. Maristella Botticini joined the Appointments Committee in October 2015.

The Centre's Appointments Committee is responsible for the appointment and reappointment of Research Fellows, Affiliates and Associates in each Programme Area. The Appointments Committee comprises the Centre's President, Beatrice Weder di Mauro (Chair), Vice President, Maristella Botticini and the Programme Director of the relevant Programme.


Researchers (both Affiliates and Fellows) are appointed to one (or in some cases more) of CEPR's Programme Areas, depending on their research fields and interests. These are based on nominations from any of the over 1,700 existing CEPR researchers and are considered at an Appointments Committee meeting (one per year per Programme Area).

The Committee uses a number of criteria to determine whether a researcher is suitable for CEPR. These include 1) publications in leading journals; 2) evidence of a strong potential for collaboration and interaction with other CEPR researchers; and 3) research interests in line with those of the Programme.

Candidates for appointment as Research Affiliate must have already been awarded their PhD, but not more than 7 years previously. Appointments are made for 4 years. In the case of Research Affiliates, only one 3 year renewal is possible. After that, an up-or-out decision is made using the same criteria as those used for appointment to Research Fellow.

In the case of Research Fellows, renewal is without limit and this is based on involvement with CEPR as evidenced by, for example, submission of CEPR Discussion Papers, participation in CEPR research initiatives, and attendance of CEPR meetings.

CEPR also has a commitment to correct the current gender imbalance within its research networks and has taken steps to fulfil this commitment.

Researchers interested in being more closely involved with the activities of one of our Programmes should contact the relevant Programme Director directly, or request that an existing CEPR researcher nominates them. Self-nominations will not be considered.