CEPR is sad to report that Professor Nick Crafts has died aged 74.

Nick was one of CEPR’s first Research Fellows, appointed in 1985, and was later the Director of CEPR’s Human Resources programme (which was subsequently split into Labour Economics and Economic History). He was a Research Fellow in the Economic History and Macroeconomics and Growth programmes, and over his almost 40 year association with CEPR published 34 Discussion Papers and numerous chapters in books and was featured in podcasts and videos. He was a regular participant in CEPR activities from 1983 onwards, and his last CEPR podcast, Whatever happened to the 15 hour work week? appeared in 2021.

He was also the editor of two seminal CEPR volumes that were published by Cambridge University Press. The first, Economic Growth in Europe Since 1945 was co-edited with Gianni Toniolo and was first published in 1996. The second, Quantitative Aspects of Post-war European Economic Growth, was edited with Bart Van Ark and was published in 1997. Both volumes were the outcome of a European Commission funded project on postwar economic growth.

A longer obituary appears in VoxEU.