Charles M. Kahn

Professor emeritus of Finance and Economics at University Of Illinois At Chicago

Charles M. Kahn, professor emeritus of Finance and Economics at the University of Illinois, is a specialist in financial intermediation and contracting theory and a leading authority on the economics of payments. He currently serves as a visiting scholar at the Bank of Canada and research fellow at the St. Louis Federal Reserve and regularly consults for international organizations and central banks worldwide. He has been Houblon-Norman fellow at the Bank of England, visiting fellow at the Australian National University, National Fellow of the Hoover Institution of Stanford University and overseas fellow at Churchill College, Cambridge University.  He is co-author (with William Roberds of the Atlanta Federal Reserve) of one of the first scholarly reviews of the literature on the economics of payments, "Why Pay? An Introduction to Payments Economics" and editor of the Henry Stewart Talks Series "Effective Oversight of Payment and Settlement Systems," which surveys the field.