Christian Gelleri is a research associate at the University of Würzburg and works on the project “Democratizing Money and Credit”, part of the research association “ForDemocracy”. He is a trained graduate teacher of economics and was awarded with degrees in business education at the University of Munich and business administration at the Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences. He has founded the Chiemgauer, the most successful local currency in Germany. As CEO of the Regios social cooperative he has significantly shaped the dissemination of local currencies in Europe and has a broad knowledge of the status and prospects of complementary currencies. His current research focusses on complementary currencies designed to promote sustainable value chains with a low carbon footprint (“Climate Bonus”). He has published in the field of Law & Economics with recent articles on “Reshaping the Future of Europe with Complementary Currencies” (2022) and “The Phenomenon of Complementary Currencies” (2021).