Etienne Wasmer

Professor of Economics at New York University Abu Dhabi, Associated Professor at Sciences Po Paris

Etienne Wasmer is New York University Abu Dhabi. He is a founding Co-director of Sciences-Po LIEPP (an Interdisciplinary Center for the Evaluation of Public Policies). He is also a Research Fellow at IZA Bonn, and at CEPR, London. He received a Ph.D. in Economics at the London School of Economics and Political Sciences. He has been a Consultant for the European Commission, the OECD, and has produced a report for the Council of Economic Advisors of the French Prime Minister on Training and Mobility with Mathilde Lemoine.His interests lie in the areas of labour economics, macroeconomics and public policy evaluation. He has developed search and matching models of the labour market, of financial markets and of goods markets, in general equilibrium. He has also studied the determinants of the growth of temporary employment, the single employment contract and on urban labour markets. His research has been published in The American Economic Review, The Journal of the European Economic Association, The Journal of Monetary Economics, The American Economic Journal (macro), The European Economic Review, Labour Economics, The Economic Journal, The Journal of Urban Economics, Macroeconomic Dynamics among others. Etienne Wasmer has written a textbook (Principe de Microeconomie : Methodes empiriques et theories modernes, Pearson) which was awarded the 2010 prize of Association francaise de sciences Economiques and the 2011 Wolowski prize from Academie des sciences morales et politiques, as well as an introduction to evaluation methods (Etat moderne, Etat efficace: evaluer les depenses publiques pour sauvegarder le modele social francais, Odile Jacob, with Marc Ferracci). In 2022, he published a book with Alain Trannoy (Le Grand Retour de la Terre dans les Patrimoines, Odile Jacob) which pleads in favor of land tax, in the Georgist tradition. The book received a prize from the French Economic Association in 2023. Their joint work on land taxation also received the prestigious prix Maurice Allais in 2023. Etienne Wasmer is a former Co-editor of Labour Economics: The Journal of the European Association of Labour Economists. He was a member of the Council of Economic Advisors to the French Prime Minister (2012-2016). In 2023-2024, he is in charge of a report on the policy of social contributions relief in France for the Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne, representing 75 billion euros per year.