Gazi Salah Uddin

Senior Associate Professor of Financial Economics at Linköping University

Gazi Salah Uddin, Ph.D. is a Senior Associate Professor of Financial Economics and Ph.D. program director of Economics division, at the Department of Management and Engineering, Linköping University, Sweden and also a visiting Professor Trinity Business School, Ireland. His research interests emphasize strongly on multidisciplinary aspects, where econometric techniques and methodologies from economics, physics, engineering, and psychology are implemented in studying the complexity of economic and financial systems on a macro level, focused on areas such as international economics and financial markets , energy and corporate finance. He received the "Jan Wallanders and the Tom Hedelius Scholarship" for best doctoral thesis in economics during 2016 and “TRISS Visiting Scholar, Trinity College, 2019-2020. Recently, he has been accepted as a Jyväsklyä University visiting fellow. He has a wide variety of teaching experience having taught at different universities at all levels ranging from undergraduate to doctoral supervision and achieved excellent teaching evaluation scores. He has attended various international seminars and conferences and have publications in well-renowned journals such as European Journal of Operation Research, Tourism Management, Annals of Tourism Research, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Energy Economics, International Review of Financial Analysis, Journal of Financial Markets Institution and Money, Journal of Empirical Finance, Journal of International Money and Finance, Journal of Financial Stability, Economics Letters, International Journal of Finance and Economics, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Review, Energy, GCB Bioenergy, Annals of Operation Research, The Energy Journal and Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting. Before joining Linköping University for his doctoral studies, he worked with Financial Consumer Agency, Government of Canada; Carleton University and on a project of IFC (World Bank), UNESCAP. He holds a successful history having completed projects funded by IFC (World Bank), UNESCAP, UPAR-United Arab Emirates University, UAE, NASDAQ-OMX foundation, 2019, Swedish Energy Agency 2019-2020, Asian Development Bank, and have an ongoing project ERIA and IEI, Linköping University.