Hideaki Tomita

Professor, Faculty of Economics at Hiroshima University, Senior Fellow at Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry (RIETI)

Hideaki Tomita is a professor at the Faculty of Economics, Hiroshima University and a specially appointed senior fellow at the Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry (RIETI). Previously, he was a research coordinator at RIETI (2009-2012). Since joining the Development Bank of Japan (DBJ, formerly Japan Development Bank) in 1984, he served in a variety of positions, including: deputy director general (2006-2009), senior economist (2003-2009), and economist (1991-2003) at the DBJ’s Research Institute of Capital Formation (RICF) division. His other positions included visiting scholar at the Brookings Institution (1999) and in the Japan Center for Economic Research (1989-1991). He received his B.A. in Economics from Keio University. His research interests focus on empirical analysis for R&D and patents and innovation. His publications include a chapter in Spontaneous Evolution and Rational Design of Economic Institutions (in Japanese). He was the project leader of the RIETI Data Management Project (2008-2013).