Ibrahim Kasirye

Director Research at Economic Policy Research Centre

Ibrahim Kasirye is the Director Research at the Economic Policy Research Centre (EPRC) in Uganda. He is a development economist specializing in poverty analysis its impacts on access to education and health services. His research combines the use of national household surveys as well as demographic and health surveys (DHS) to examine the effectiveness of government policies. He has published research on food security, gender, corruption, children, and development effectiveness in sub-Saharan Africa. He is a member of the African Evaluation Association (AfrEA) as well as the African Econometric Society (AES). Ibrahim joined EPRC under the Young Professional (YP) programme in 2002 and has worked at EPRC in various capacities including holding positions of Research Fellow, Senior Research Fellow, and Principal Research Fellow. He received his PhD in Development Policy from the University of Manchester, a Masters of Arts in Economics from the University of Dar es salaam and Bachelor of Science in Economics and Statistics from Makerere University.