Jeanet Bentzen’s research focuses on economic approaches to decision-making and culture, and includes topics related to religion, institutions, economic growth, economic history, and geography. Most of her recent work is within the Economics of Religion field. Methodologically, she uses econometric techniques to test theories from psychology, sociology, theology, anthropology, and economics empirically. Her methodology involves broad datasets spanning the globe, allowing testing of the generalizability of the various theories. Jeanet is associate editor at The Economic Journal. She is a CEPR Research Affiliate in Economic History and the Macroeconomics and Growth programme, an External Research Associate at CAGE, Warwick Univeristy, and the Executive Director of the international Association of Economics, Religion, and Culture (ASREC). Her research features in The Economic Journal, the Review of Economics and Statistics, the Journal of the European Economic Association, Journal of Economic Growth, the Review of Development Economics, World Development, the World Bank Economic Review, and the Journal of International Development.