Joseph McCahery

Professor of International Economic Law at Tilburg University

Joseph A. McCahery is Professor of International Economic Law at Tilburg University, where he is also a Fellow of the Tilburg University Law and Economics Center (TILEC) and the European Banking Center (EBC). He is Program Director of the MSc and LLM in Finance and Law at Duisenberg School of Finance in Amsterdam. He earned his PhD from Warwick University. His research interests and main publications fall in the areas of banking regulation and supervision, corporate finance, corporate law and governance, law and finance, and securities regulation. He has many publications in top law and finance journals and has recently published two books on corporate law and governance and edited ten collections of papers. He was awarded the Corporate Practice Commentator’s prize as having written one of the top 10 papers in Corporate Law in 1999. He has served as an Adviser to publicly traded firms, governmental agencies, investment companies and law firms. He has been a Professor at the universities of Amsterdam, ULB-Solvay Business School, and Warwick and is currently a Research Associate of the European Corporate Governance Network (ECGI).