Lavan Mahadeva

Senior Researcher, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies at University Of Oxford

Lavan Mahadeva is the Senior Research Fellow heading up Macroeconomic Research at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, Oxford University. His work is concerned with the interaction of energy markets with the macroeconomy and international finance. He works on issues such as how high energy prices affect demand in consuming countries, what constitutes good macroeconomic policy in energy exporting countries and how global financial market conditions affect energy prices. Prior to joining the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, Lavan Mahadeva was a Bank of England economist for 16 years. He began by modelling and forecasting the UK economy. He then joined the Bank’s Centre for Central Banking Studies and worked with other central banks in Africa, Central and Eastern Europe and Latin America in constructing their monetary policy strategies. His remit was to develop models to guide policy in challenging environments. He was an Adviser to the Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee from 2005-2006 and he spent 2007-2009 with the Central Bank of Colombia as Adviser to the Governor. Just before coming to the Institute, he worked on cross-sectional systemic risk and international finance in the Bank of England.