Linda Lim

Professor of Strategy at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Linda Lim is Professor of Strategy at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, where she served as Director of the 52-year-old Center for Southeast Asian Studies from 2005-09, is a member of the executive committees of the Center for International Business Education, the Center for Chinese Studies and the Center for Southeast Asian Studies, and a Faculty Associate of the Center for Japanese Studies and the Center for South Asian Studies. She has also served as Associate Director of the International Institute, is a board member of the Knight-Wallace Journalism Fellows, and was a member of the President’s China Task Force (2008), all at the University. At Ross, she has been Faculty Adviser of the annual Asia Business Conference for 22 years. A native of Singapore, Linda obtained her degrees in economics from the universities of Cambridge (BA), Yale (MA) and Michigan (PhD). She has authored, co-authored or edited four books and published nearly 100 other monographs, journal articles and book chapters on trade, investment, industrial policy, labour, multinational and local business in Asia. Her recent publications include “Globalizing State, Disappearing Nation: Foreign Participation in Singapore’s Economy”, “Rebalancing in East Asia” (both 2010), and “Southeast Asian Chinese Business and Regional Economic Development” (2012, forthcoming). Her current research is on changes in Singapore’s economic development model; on foreign direct investment by Chinese companies in Southeast Asia; and on local entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia. She is the founder and editor of the refereed Journal of Asian Business, and regularly contributes articles on the Singapore economy to The Straits Times (Singapore newspaper).