Maria Sole Pagliari

Economist at Banque De France

Maria Sole Pagliari is an Economist in the Monetary Policy Division at the Banque de France. Previously, she has worked at the European Central Bank (DG International, Economics, Market Operations and Micro-Supervision III), the International Monetary Fund (Strategy and Policy Review Department) and the European Commission (DG ECFIN). She holds a M.A. and a PhD in Economics from Rutgers University, as well as a B.Sc. and a M.Sc. in Economic and Social Sciences from Bocconi University. Her research mainly focuses on using Bayesian techniques to analyze a set of macroeconomic phenomena and imbalances that have emerged in the euro area since the inception of the common currency, ranging from the asynchronous transmission of unconventional monetary policies, to the decline in the labor share of income and the international impact of the process towards the completion of the EMU. In addition, she has explored the use of machine learning algorithms to study the impact of trade tensions on international financial markets and has analyzed the impact of climate-change risks on the European banking sector.