Mathilde Maurel

Research Fellow at Foundation for studies and Research on International Development (FERDI), Director of Research, Centre d'Economie de la Sorbonne CNRS

Mathilde Maurel, senior researcher at CNRS and FERDI, is specialized in transition and development economics. As regards transition economics she has published extensively in the leading journals of the field. One issue of interest is the EU enlargement, and the role played by EU policies towards candidate countries . More precisely, she analyses the complementarity versus substituability of migration and aid policies, the former allowing to become tighter when the latter are used as substitute and do compensate. In the area of development economics, Maurel has recently investigated the issue of migration pressures, stemming from climate shocks. In a developing context, where the agricultural sector represents the lion’s share, climate does affect agricultural productivity which in turns pushes rural people towards cities and/or abroad. The economcis of aid consistency is another area of research, which is analysed in the framework proposed by de Macedo et ali. (2008, 2014). Trade, migration, investment, etc. policies implemented in donors’ countries must be consistent to be efficient. The concept of donors’ policies consistency shed a completely renewed light to the literature about aid efficiency. Mathilde Maurel also investigates the role of media in shaping culture and political behavior. She studies the effect of the Egyptian revolution on the female participation to the labour market.