Michael Gasiorek

Professor of Economics and Director of the UK Trade Policy Observatory at University Of Sussex

Michael Gasiorek is a Professor of Economics at the University of Sussex and is the Director of the UK Trade Policy Observatory. He is also Managing Director of a University spin-out company, InterAnalysis and was previously Director of the Centre for the Analysis of Regional Integration at Sussex (CARIS). Michael Gasiorek is a specialist in international trade and regional integration with a particular focus on regional integration, trade and development and with a keen interest in the policy relevance of his work. Through InterAnalysis he has been responsible for the delivery of trade policy training courses for the public and private sector in South Asia and South East Asia including Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Singapore and Vietnam. He has extensive experience in modelling the impacts of changes in trade costs on production and trade. His recent research has focussed on how firms engage in international trade, the impact of Brexit on UK manufacturing, and on the impact of GSP preferences on developing country trade. He has published widely in both books and journals, such as the European Economic Review, World Economy, Economic Policy, Journal of Common Market Studies, Applied Economics and the European Economy. He also has been responsible for the delivery of numerous reports on trade related issues inter-alia for the European Commission, the World Bank, and the UK government.