Monica Lambon-Quayefio

International Growth Centre at London School Of Economics And Political Science, Senior Lecturer at University Of Ghana

Monica Lambon-Quayefio is a Researcher and Senior Lecturer at the Department of Economics, at the University of Ghana. Her research focuses broadly on human development issues. Specific areas of research interest include health economics, spatial econometrics, development and experimental economics. Her recent work is focused on neonatal and infant mortality, as well as impact evaluations of remittances on savings and investment in education and asset accumulation. She teaches both Economics courses and other quantitative courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels.She has published articles in the IDS Bulletin, Health Economics Review and the Applied Health Economics and Health Policy Journals. Monica has received a number of fellowships including the Matasa Fellows Network from Mastercard Foundation and Institute of Development Studies in the UK, Additional Insights Fellowship from New New York University and the African Social Research Initiative Fellowship from the University of Michigan. She has also presented her research work at international conferences such as the PopPov, PEP and UNU-WIDER Conferences. She has collaborated with other researchers on a variety of research projects such as the UNU-WIDER which focused on Industries without Smokestacks, PEP project on Labour Unions and Wages as well as the Matasa Network project on the Youth Unemployment Challenge in Africa. Her recent research collaboration is with Prof. Chris Udry from North Western University on a randomized controlled experiment project that focuses on evaluating an innovative digital credit system designed to provide loans to small-scale farmers in Ghana.