Nicola Gennaioli earned his PhD in Economics at Harvard University in 2004. He joined Bocconi on September 2012. In 2018-2019 he was Visiting Professor of Economics at Harvard. He also held positions at CREI (UPF) and IIES (Stockholm). He won ERC grants in 2015 (cConsolidator), and in 2009, (Starting).. He is currently managing editor of the Review of Economic Studies. He has been editor of the Journal of the Economic European Association. He had as been appointed as a Panel Member for the CEPR Economic Policy Journal. Professor Gennaioli's research project focuses on psychology and economics, and consists both in develoimg psychologically founded models of behavior, in testing these models, and applying them in various domains that include finance, macroeconomics, and politics. He has written with Andrei Shleifer the book “A Crisis of Beliefs, Investor Psychology and Financial Fragility”.