Oeindrila Dube

Philip K. Pearson Professor, Harris School of Public Policy at University Of Chicago

Oeindrila Dube is the Philip K. Pearson Professor at the University of Chicago, Harris School of Public Policy. Her research focuses on the political economy of development. She study topics like the link between poverty and conflict, and the role of trust and institutions in the spread of epidemics. In recent work, Oeindrila has examined how community involvement affected responses to the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone. In other current projects, she uses big data to understand radicalization in the Middle East, and experimentally examine strategies for improving community-police relations in the United States. Her research affiliations include the NBER, CEPR, BREAD, and J-PAL, where she serves on the Board as co-chair the Crime and Violence Sector. She is also a non-resident Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution and Center for Global Development; and a co-editor of the Journal of Development Economics. She completed her PhD at Harvard University, her MPhil in Economics at Oxford University and her undergraduate degree at Stanford University. Oeindrila was also the recipient of a Rhodes Scholarship in 2002.