Patrick Arni

Senior Research Associate at Institute for the Study of Labor

Patrick Arni is an economist working as a Senior Research Associate at the Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA) in Bonn. He focuses on applied microeconometrics, labor economics and the evaluation of public policies. His research interests cover in particular the following topics: a first strand of research focuses on the empirical evaluation of reforms and incentive structures in social insurance and of labor market policies. Specifically, his recent studies assess the effects of instruments like job search requirements, monitoring and sanctions, different types of labor market programs and of unemployment insurance reforms on job finding and earnings outcomes. A second topic is the empirical analysis of job search behavior, including issues like the role of reservation wage building, search effort decisions and of social networks. Third, his research investigates the behavioral foundations of labor market related decisions (by means of survey evidence), particularly of the role of biased beliefs, expectations and overconfidence. Fourth, some of his current work analyzes the interplay of public policy and individual behavior in related areas like education and health. To put these topics into empirical practice, he is involved in extensive data projects like the creation of linked large-scale register data bases, the combination of (behavioral) survey panels and register data and the setup of randomized field experiments. Patrick Arni earned his PhD in Economics from University of Lausanne (HEC), to which he is also affiliated as an External Fellow. Further, he is affiliated to the CAFE research center at Aarhus University. In the past years, he has been a Visiting Scholar at UC Berkeley and at Tilburg University.