Raul is Assistant Professor at Berkeley, Haas. He is currently on-leave, on a fellowship from the Harvard Academy for International and Area studies, and based at Harvard and in Berlin. Raul obtained his PhD in Economics from Columbia University in 2014. Prior to that, he obtained a Master in Economics of Development in Sciences Po, and a Bachelor degree in Economics from Carlos III Madrid and Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich. Raul grew up in France, where he did his baccalaureat in Science, specialized in mathematics. Raul's research focuses on the Political Economy of Development. He works mostly in the Democratic Republic of the Congo because that's the only institutional environment that he thinks he understands enough to conduct research. His research examines economics of 'statelenessness' and the state formation process, where the role of power, coercion, and violence is particularly visible. He has studed the economics of armed groups in such areas, of organizations with corruption, as well as of non-falsifiable beliefs that regulate large areas of human decision-making and sometimes replace for the functions exerted by a state, to understand how they function and when they can be beneficial for society. raulsanchezdelasierra.com