Stefani Weiss

Senior Expert, Program Europe's Future at Bertelsmann Stiftung

Stefani Weiss joined Bertelsmann Stiftung in 1999 working on a wide-range of international and European foreign and security policy issues. She served as Director in the foundation´s Brussels office from 2007-2017 focusing foremost on the Euro crisis and EU governance questions. In these years, she initiated two larger research projects on the added value of the EU, which were carried out in cooperation with the ZEW. The results are available in the form of the studies titled “The European Added Value of EU Spending: Can the EU Help its Member States to Save Money?”and “How Europe can deliver: Optimising the division of competences among the EU and its member states”. Since 2018, her focus has again been on European foreign and security policy issues with the aim of strengthening the EU as a global actor.