With the growing importance of central bank communication, both with markets and with a wider audience, there remain important questions regarding the channels through which communication has effects, and the best ways to communicate with different audiences, via different media, and about different topics. Research in this area is characterised by complementary theoretical, empirical and experimental approaches to these questions. This RPN seminar series aims to showcase leading research from academic and policy researchers, and to bring together this diverse range of research from across fields and using different methodological approaches. Most importantly, the series aims to serve as part of an on-going dialogue between interested researchers as well as practitioners in central banks.

Join us on 23rd February with Michael Ehrmann (European Central Bank and CEPR) presenting "Central Bank Communication by ??? The Economics of Public Policy Leaks" by Michael Ehrmann (European Central Bank and CEPR), Phillipp Gnan (Wu Vienna University Of Economics And Business) and Kilian Rieder (Austrian National Bank and CEPR).


Michael McMahon (Oxford University and CEPR)


Seminars will take place every month on a Thursday at 3pm UK time (4 pm CET and 10AM EST) and last for 75 minutes.

Next dates:

  • 23rd March
  • 20th April
  • 18th May
  • 29th June
  • -- Summer break --
  • 21st September
  • 19th October
  • 16th November


Each seminar will consist of a 60 minute presentation, followed by 15 minutes of open discussion. During the presentation, the audience will be automatically muted and may submit questions using the Q&A facility. The moderator will collect clarifying questions and a few questions of general interest and relay them to the speaker at intervals, ensuring the flow of the seminar. The last 15 minutes of the event will be reserved for an open discussion, where participants may raise their hand to ask questions live, directly to the speaker.

Seminars may be recorded. Please note that you may be recorded if you speak during the seminar.

Abuse of the seminar will not be tolerated.