Alessandro Pavan is a Professor of Economics at Northwestern University, USA. He is a Fellow of the Econometric Society, and of the Society for the Advancement of Economic Theory. His research concerns the analysis of the role of information in strategic situations of interest to both micro and macro-economics. In particular, his research focuses on global games, the social value of information and coordination, mechanism and information design, matching, competing principals, privacy, information aggregation, and two-sided markets. He served as Lead Editor of the Journal of Economic Theory, Foreign Editor of the Review of Economic Studies, and Associate Editor of Theoretical Economics and the Journal of the European Economic Association. He holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Toulouse, France. He taught at Bocconi University, the University of California Berkeley, the University of Chicago, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Northwestern University. His work has been published in Econometrica, the American Economic Review, the Journal of Political Economy, the Review of Economic Studies, the Journal of Economic Theory, the Journal of the European Economic Association, the Rand Journal of Economics, Theoretical Economics, Games and Economic Behavior, the European Economic Review, the American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, and the American Economic Review: Insights. His research was funded by the National Science Foundation (SES grants 1730483, 1530798, 1530798, 1156077, 0721048, 0518810). He holds an honorary Professorship from Peking University. He was selected by the Review of Economic Studies as one of the best 7 Ph.D. students graduating the year he was on the market.