Andrea Gerali

Chief Representative Bank of Italy in Japan at Bank Of Italy

Andrea Gerali is the Chief Representative of the Bank of Italy in Japan, responsible for analyzing the economic policy debate in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand. Previously, he lead the Policy models Unit at the Bank of Italy, in charge of maintaining and developing macroeconomic models useful in policymaking. From 2012 to 2020 he also served in the Working Group of Econometric Modeling, under the Monetary Policy Committee of the ECB. He has published widely in the fields of Macroeconomic modeling, Empirical macroeconomics and Financial regulation. After graduating from University of Bergamo (1989), Dr. Gerali pursued his graduate studies in Economics at UC Berkeley (California, USA) working for Prof. Paul Romer (2018 Nobel Laureate in Economics) on endogenous growth models with complementarities and substitutability among goods. He taught courses in Dynamic macroeconomics and Monetary economics at Univ. of Tor Vergata (Rome, Italy), the Center for Central Banking Studies (London, UK) and Tel Aviv University (Israel).