Anna Lo Prete

Research Fellow and Lecturer at the Department of Economics Statistics Cognetti de Martiis at University Of Turin

Anna Lo Prete is Research Fellow and Lecturer at the University of Torino. She graduated from the University of Torino with a PhD in Economics in 2007. During her graduate studies she received a Master degree in Economics from CORIPE Piemonte (2003). In 2007-08 she was a Max Weber Fellow affiliated to the Department of Economics of the European University Institute. Dr. Lo Prete studies the macroeconomic effects of labour market institutions, the interactions between public policies, economic integration and finance, the importance of economic literacy to inequality and policy outcomes in a cross-country perspective, the relationship between electoral participation and the quality of the implemented policies. Her publications include academic articles in refereed journals, a textbook of Introductory Economics (published in Italian), contributions to online information platforms and other editorial projects.