Christopher Tonetti

Associate Professor at Stanford Graduate School Of Business

Christopher Tonetti is an associate professor at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. His research is in the area of macroeconomics, with a focus on growth and household finance. His growth research focuses on how firms' investments in innovation and technology adoption contribute to aggregate growth. His recent research is on understanding the incentives and barriers that determine the diffusion of nonrival factors of production and production technologies (data and ideas). Recently he has studied the economics of consumer-generated data with an emphasis on property rights, incorporating concerns over privacy as well as the potentially productive use of data in innovation. He has also recently studied how changes in trade policy can alter the competitive environment and affect growth rates by altering the technology adoption patterns of firms. His household finance research focuses on the dynamics of household wealth, income, and consumption over the life cycle. His recent work studies the reasons for the saving and labor supply behavior of the elderly and their desire for insurance against late-in-life health and longevity risks.