Jakob Svensson

Director and Professor of Economics at Institute For International Economic Studies (IIES), Stockholm University

I currently work on three broad, and partly complementary, research topics in development economics – demand constraints in agricultural markets, climate and development, and large-scale cost-effective incentive programs in the education and health sectors. I'm currently the director at IIES, Stockholm University and chairman of the Prize Committee for The Bank of Sweden Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel. I recently was rewarded an ERC Advanced grant to fund my research on demand constraints and technological adoption in agricultural markets. I remain involved in several CERP activities. For example, I presented in the TCD/LSE/CEPR Workshop in Development Economics, Trinity College Dublin, in the fall of 2019. I participated in the CEPR Development Economics Conference in Stockholm 2022. I presented "Market Access and Quality Upgrading: Evidence from Randomized Experiments" in the inaugural CEPR/BREAD Virtual development economics seminar series (fall 2020). Coauthored work has also been presented by my co-authors. We recently submitted our paper “Weather Shocks, Child Mortality, and Adaptation: Experimental Evidence from Uganda” to the CEPR working paper series.