Jeffrey Campbell

Consultant at Federal Reserve Bank Of Chicago, Professor of Macroeconometrics at Tilburg University, Francis D. Rasmus and Jerome A. Castellini Professor of Economics at University Of Notre Dame

Jeffrey R. Campbell has been appointed the Frances D. Rasmus and Jerome A. Castellini Professor of Economics at the University of Notre Dame. His appointment became effective at the start of the spring semester in 2021, after having served as a visiting professor in the department in the fall semester of 2019. Campbell comes to Notre Dame after a distinguished career at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, the University of Chicago, and the University of Rochester. He received his PhD in economics from Northwestern University in 1995. Campbell is a renowned economist whose work spans several fields. He has made important contributions to the fields of macroeconomics, industrial organization, and econometrics. Some of his more recent work has focused on the macroeconomic consequences of central bank forward guidance. Campbell’s work has been published in several of the leading journals in economics, including the American Economic Review, Econometrica, and the Journal of Monetary Economics. According to Ideas/RePEc, a bibliometric database for papers in economics, Campbell’s citations rank in the top-four percent of all living economists