Juan Manuel Julio

Senior Researcher at Bank of the Republic (Colombia), Part-Time Associate Profesor at National University of Colombia

Mr. Julio is Senior Researcher at Banco de la República, the central bank of Colombia. He ais also a part-time Associate Professor at the School of Economics of Universidad Nacional de Colombia. He was awarded the Rodrigo Gómez Central Banking Prize in 2005 for the paper “Disinflation Costs Under Inflation Targeting in a Small Open Economy: The Colombian Case”. He also contributed to the book How monetary policy works: comparing estimates of the transmission mechanism between developing, transitional and industrialized countries, 2004, edited by Lavan Mahadeva and Peter Sinclair. He has researched a broad range of topics related to monetary policy in Colombia including price stickiness as well as rigid- and flexible-price inflation and their relevance in monetary policy. He holds an MSc in Statistics from the University of Chicago.