Katarína Borovičková

Senior Scholar at Bocconi University, Economist at Federal Reserve Bank Of Richmond, Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at New York University

Katarína Borovičková is an economist in the Research Department. Borovičková joined the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond in September 2022 after working at New York University as an assistant professor of economics. She earned her doctorate from the University of Chicago. Borovičková's research focuses on labor markets and macroeconomics, with a special interest in understanding the role of heterogeneity. In one line of research, she studies the role of worker heterogeneity in determining duration dependence in job finding probability as well as in price changes of products. Another line of research studies fluctuations in the labor market, specifically the role of discount rates fluctuations in explaining cyclicality of the unemployment rate. She is also interested in understanding pre-labor market determinants of career choices