Katarina Svatikova

Senior Consultant at Trinomics

Katarina Svatikova is a senior consultant in energy and environment at Trinomics, a policy consultancy, based in Brussels and Rotterdam. She has more than 10 years of work experience in the field of economic analysis of environmental, energy and climate law and policy. Her work involves project management, coordination and implementation, and project acquisition in particular in the field of circular economy, sustainable buildings, resource and energy efficiency, and environmental policy in general. She develops and implements a variety of methodologies, focusing on economic analysis, impact assessments & evaluations. She has worked on numerous European projects for DG Environment, DG Energy and DG CLIMA of the European Commission, the European Investment Bank, EBRD and the European Parliament. In addition, she worked for international development banks such as for the World Bank/IFC or the French Development Agency (AFD) as well as for the national governments and agencies. Prior to joining Trinomics, Katarina worked for the Energy & Environment Unit of Ecorys, a leading economic consultancy, and prior to that for the Chief Economist Unit (Impact Assessments and evaluation unit, currently Green Finance & Economic Analysis) at DG Environment of the European Commission. Katarina holds a PhD degree in Law & Economics from the Erasmus University Rotterdam.