Lucas Kitzmüller

Lucas Kitzmüller was an Associate Economist at the Office of the Chief Economist at the EBRD. In this role, he applied machine learning methods in the context of economic research, worked on microeconometric impact evaluations, and contributed to policy publications such as the Transition Report. Before joining EBRD, Lucas was a Consultant at the World Bank, where he was part of the author team for the World Development Report 2021 on Data for Better Lives. He previously worked for IDinsight in India, where he led an RCT as part of the world’s first Development Impact Bond, advised an educational non-profit on its data strategy, and analysed a large-scale household survey for the Government of India. As a research assistant at Harvard Kennedy School, he supported Dani Rodrik and Stefanie Stantcheva in drafting a report on economic inequality for an expert commission by the President of France. Lucas holds an MPA in International Development from the Harvard Kennedy School and a BA in Philosophy and Economics from the University of Bayreuth.