Marc Quintyn

Division Chief, Africa, at the IMF Institute at International Monetary Fund

Marc Quintyn is Division Chief, Africa, at the IMF Institute since 2006. He has been with the IMF since 1989 and worked most of his career on monetary and financial sector issues, as a member of surveillance and program missions, FSAPs, and technical assistance work. He received his PhD from the University of Ghent, Belgium. Before joining the IMF, Marc Quintyn was Assistant Professor Money and Finance, University of Ghent, Belgium (1979-83); Economist at the Research Department, National Bank of Belgium (1984 -89); and Professor at the University of Limburg, Belgium (1986 -89). Marc Quintyn published numerous books, papers and articles on European monetary and financial integration, monetary policy, financial sector reform, and more recently, on institutional and governance aspects of banking regulation and supervision and central banking.