Marie-Luce Viaud

VIF Team Leader at Institut National de l'Audiovisuel

After a PhD in computer graphics at INRIA & University Paris XI and a postdoctoral year at UPENN, Marie-Luce Viaud joined INA's research department in 1994. Here, she leads the VIF team (Data Visualization, Indexing and Mining). She has been part of numerous French and European research projects. She has also been supervising PhDs jointly with University research Laboratories (LIRMM in Montpelier, LIG in Grenoble, LABRI in Bordeaux, etc.) and is currently teaching at IFP, University of Paris II (Pantheon-Assas). Her research interests are focused on information visualisation and mining and their application in media and history research and analysis. She is currently co-leading the project OTmedia+ with Nicolas Herve, near real time version of aethe French TransMedia Observatory” developed by INA own funding. She is currently developing a pluridisciplinary research group gathering humanities researchers and computer scientists, to enhance media studies with state-of-the-art and custom made datamining tools.