Nicolas Hervé

Research Engineer at Institut National de l'Audiovisuel

Nicolas Hervé is a Research Engineer in the Research Department of Ina. He first worked five years as an engineer in an IT services company and as a project manager in an e-procurement company. He obtained his Engineer degree in 2005 from the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM, Paris). In 2009, he then obtained a PhD from Paris-Sud University (Orsay) as he was in the Imedia Lab at INRIA working on automatic image annotations and multimedia indexing. He has been involved in the FP6 aceMedia and the FP7 Vitalas projects. He was in charge of the complete design and implementation of the image database engine. During his 2 years post-doc at Institut Pasteur (Paris) he worked on biomedial image analysis and contributed to the well-knowned Icy open-source software. He joined Ina Research Department five years ago. He is involved in research software architecture design such as DigInpix (visual entities detection in videos), amalia.js (open-source HTML5 video player synchronized with metadata) or OTMedia (research platform for news monitoring). His research activities are mainly focused on object detection in images and videos and natural langage processing (NLP) tasks : plagiarsim detection, event detection, text segmentation and references / quote detection.