Michael Brei

Professor of Economics at University Of Lille

Michael Brei is Professor of Economics at the University of Lille. He is Program Coordinator of the Master in Banking and Finance (Master – Monnaie, Banque, Finance, Assurance). He is also Head of International Relations of the Institute of Economic and Social Sciences. Prior to this, he worked as Lecturer at the University of the West Indies (2015-2018) and Assistant Professor at the University Paris Nanterre (2010-2015). Michael's research has examined subjects such as the role of banks during financial crises, the role of government-owned banks in the crisis resolution, the effect of bank bailouts on bank lending and risk taking, as well as the potential effects of the new Basel III capital regulation on the pro-cyclicality of the banking sector. Michael holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Bonn (BGSE), where he also obtained his Master degree.