Paul Seabright

Professor of Economics at Toulouse School Of Economics, Professor of Economics and Fellow of All Souls College at University Of Oxford

I teach economics at the Toulouse School of Economics and have lived in the centre of the city of Toulouse in France since 2000. I was Director from 2012 to 2021 of the Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse (IAST). In the academic year 2021-22 I was on sabbatical leave at the University of Oxford and in the first year of a Two-Year Fellowship at All Souls College. I did undergraduate and doctoral studies at the University of Oxford, where I was a Fellow of All Souls College, then taught at the University of Cambridge where I was a Fellow of Churchill College. I have also held part-time teaching positions at the College of Europe in Bruges and at the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris. My current research lies in three areas of microeconomics: industrial organization and competition policy; the economics of networks and the digital society; and behavioral economics (especially the integration of evolutionary biology and anthropology with an understanding of the development of economic institutions in the very long run). I am working on a book under contract to Princeton University Press entitled The Origins of Enchantment: How Religions Compete. My personal website is at