Ron Anderson is a Professor of Finance at the London School of Economics and a member of the Financial Markets Group at LSE. He is a fellow at the CEPR in the financial economics program and a principal investigator in the Systemic Risk Centre an ESRC research centre. He has broad interests in the field of financial economics. In recent years much of his theoretical work has centred upon dynamic corporate finance “Corporate Liquidity and Capital Structure”, Review of Financial Studies (with A. Carverhill) 2012,  “Financing and Corporate Growth under Repeated Moral Hazard", Journal of Financial Intermediation (with K. Nyborg, 2011), "Agency, Firm Growth and Managerial Turnover" (with C. Bustmante and S. Guibaud), Journal of Finance (2018), and “Cash Holding and Control-oriented Finance”, (with Malika Hamadi), Journal of Corporate Finance (2016). Ron has an active interest in financial institutions. In this field he carried out a study of finance in ex-communist countries (R. Anderson and C.Kegels Transition Banking: The Financial Development of Central and Eastern Europe. Oxford University Press, 1998). More recently, he has a project underway on Chinese debt capital market with a particular focus on the relation of credit risk to enterprise reform and local public finance. Ron has undertaken consultancy and research projects in Corporate Finance; Corporate Governance; Credit Risk; Risk Management. His recent executive teaching has been in the areas of risk management and corporate governance. He has been involved in expert testimony on a variety of capital markets cases.  He is fluent in French.