Treb Allen

Distinguished Associate Professor of Economics and Globalization at Tuck School Of Business At Dartmouth College

Treb Allen is the Distinguished Associate Professor of Economics and Globalization at Dartmouth College.  His research examines how examines how geography shapes how people interact. He develops economic models with realistic linkages between individuals across space and applies these models to the real world using micro-economic spatial data and both reduced form and structural approaches. His research spans such topics as how the introduction of cell phones affected agricultural trade between islands in the Philippines, how infrastructure improvements impacted the risk that Indian farmers face, how changes in the distance to freedom affected enslaved women’s fertility choices in the antebellum U.S. south, how the construction of the interstate highway system shaped the spatial distribution of the U.S. economy, how to better design zoning policy in Chicago, and how a U.S.-China trade war would permeate through the world trading network.  His research has been published in a number of leading economic journals, including Econometrica, the Quarterly Journal of Economics, the Review of Economics and Statistics, and the Journal of Political Economy. His research has been supported by fellowships from the National Science Foundation and the Sloan Foundation and has received the Kiel Institute Excellence Award in Global Economic Affairs and the WTO Essay Award for Young Economists. He is a Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research and serves as a co-editor of the Journal of International Economics, an associate editor at Econometrica, and a member of the board of editors at American Economic Journal: Economic Policy. Prior to moving to Dartmouth, he held positions at Stanford University, Northwestern University, and Princeton University. He received his Ph.D. from Yale University in 2012 and his B.A. from Williams College in 2006.