The Cambridge Endowment for Research in Finance (CERF) welcomes submissions for its 2024 Corporate Finance Theory Symposium to be held in Cambridge, UK, in person, on 13 and 14 September 2024. The symposium covers all areas of theoretical corporate finance, including theory papers that combine corporate finance theory with a related area such as banking, market micro-structure, asset pricing, and financial accounting.

The format of the 2024 symposium will be similar in nature to previous years’ editions (Previous Conferences).  We expect to have about 9 papers (each with a discussant) and one keynote speech.

The Keynote speaker for the 2024 Cambridge Corporate Finance Theory Symposium is Paolo Fulghieri (University of North Carolina). 

Please submit your paper (in pdf format) by following the process below: 

There is a paper submission fee of £50 per paper. You can pay this via the payment link within the form which will open in a new window. Once you have paid the fee, please return to the submission form to submit your paper. 

NB please ensure you upload and submit the paper after completing the payment. 

Please read carefully before submitting your paper: Further information & Requirements

The paper’s cover page must include: a title, abstract, authors' names and affiliations, and the email address of the corresponding author.

The deadline for submissions is 25 February 2024. The submitted paper must not have been accepted (or conditionally accepted) at a journal at the time of submission.

Conference Organisers: Bart Lambrecht (CERFCambridge Judge Business School and CEPR) and Hongda Zhong (University of Texas at Dallas and CEPR

The event is in collaboration with CEPR.

Email: [email protected]
Conference page website
Call for papers guidance page

Programme Committee:

Brianna Chang Wisconsin School of Business
Giles Chemla Imperial College London
Joanne Chen Boston University, Contract Corporate
Shiqi Chen University of Lancaster
Jesse Davis University of North Carolina
Brett Green Washington University in St Louis
Chong Huang University of California - Irvine, Coordination, Global Game
Jing Huang Texas Agricultural and Mechanical University
Roman Inderst Goethe-Universität Frankfurt
Ron Kaniel University of Rochester - Simon Business School
Konstantin Milbradt Northwest University, Kellogg School of Management
Martin Oehmke London School of Economics and Political Science
Uday Ranjan University of Michigan
Linda Schilling Washington University of St Louis
Giulio Trigilia University of Rochester - Simon Business School
Paul Voss École des hautes études commerciales de Paris
Andrew Winton University of Minnesota
Yufeng Wu The Ohio State University - Fisher College of Business
David Xu Southern Methodist university - Cox School of Business
Liyan Yang University of Toronto