The 2nd session of the CEPR Media Plurality Webinar Series took place on Thursday, 16 November 2023, at 6 PM (CET), 5 PM (GMT), and 12 PM (EST), joint with the Chicago Booth’s George J. Stigler Center for the Study of the Economy and the State

The Series is organised by the CEPR Research and Policy Network (RPN) on Media Plurality. 

Paper Presentations

  • Samuel Woolley (Assistant Professor, University of Texas): Political Relational Influencers: The Mobilization of Social Media Influencers in the Political Arena co-authored with Anastasia Goodwin, Katie Joseff, Martin J. Riedl & Josephine Lukito
  • Emeric Henry (Professor, Sciences Po, Fellow, CEPR & Member, Media Plurality RPN):  Fact-Checking and Misinformation: Evidence from the Market co-authored with Julia Cagé, Nathan Galloz, and Moritz Hengel

Policy Discussion:

  • Gabriella Stern (Director of Communications, World Health Organization)
  • Jamie Guerra (Senior Communications Officer, World Health Organization)

Moderator: Brooke Fox (Managing Editor, ProMarket) 

This Webinar Series explores along several episodes the critical issues surrounding media bias, regulation, concentration, and their impact on democratic values. We explore fresh perspectives from policy experts, innovative research, and global experiences that decrypt the complexities surrounding media regulation in the 21st century.