This Event is no longer receiving submissions.

Luiss University is organizing, in collaboration with CEPR, the second edition of the "Luiss Finance Workshop", which will take place in Rome on 16-17 May, 2024. The workshop will have two parallel sessions on "Corporate Finance" (CF) and "Asset Pricing" (AP) in an informal and highly interactive environment. The workshop will consider high-quality theoretical and empirical papers in all areas of finance, including Asset Pricing, Behavioral Finance, Corporate Finance, Financial Intermediation, Household Finance, and International Finance.

Keynote Speakers 
Victoria Ivashina (Harvard Business School and CEPR)
Sydney C. Ludvigson (New York University and CEPR)


The submission deadline was 2 February 2024.

Participants are expected to cover their own travel and accommodation expenses.

The workshop will take place in the university campus of Luiss University in Rome.

Organizing Committee
Michela Altieri, Giorgia Barboni, Nicola Borri, Fabrizio Core, Pierluigi Murro, Megha Patnaik, Andrea Polo, Francesco Sangiorgi, Paolo Santucci de Magistris, Fabiano Schivardi, Emanuele Tarantino.