Tali Regev

Faculty member, Tiomkin School of Economics at Reichman University

Tali Regev is an economist and faculty member at the Tiomkin School of Economics at Reichman University (IDC Herzliya). She has held positions at Tel-Aviv University and the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. Dr. Regev's research interests lie in the realm of social interactions and institutions, focusing on their impact on behavior and economic outcomes. Her work primarily centers on investigating the effects of language on economic behavior, as well as addressing inequalities related to gender, race, and appearance. To uncover discrimination within labor, product and education markets, she employs experimental and econometric methods drawing insights from behavioral economics and social psychology. Her research findings have been published in peer-reviewed journals such as Science Advances, PNAS and PlosOne and featured in media outlets, including the New York Times, The Guardian, Los Angeles Times, Times Magazine, The Telegraph, Business Insider, and CNBC. Tali Regev holds a Ph.D in Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.), and earned her B.A. in mathematics and philosophy from Tel Aviv University.